Our lawyer explain the Amber Alert colors to help you to be more effective and hopeully save a life.

I was driving and noticed the “silver alert” posted on a traffic sign on I-75, and asked what it meant. That question got me thinking, how many others might have questions about our color coded highway alerts? Most people know an AMBER highway alert is calling attention to a child who has been abducted. The roads signs are just one of several tools used to broadcast information about abducted children to the public. Florida’s AMBER Plan has been in place since 2000. In 2002, the original plan was expanded to include use of highway alerts when an Alert is activated. The AMBER alert was named for Ambe Hagerman, a nine year old who was abducted in 1996 outside her grandparents’ Texas home. While Amber’s body was found four days later, the case remains unsolved. The name has become an acronym for America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response. In the years since the AMBER system of highway alerts was implemented, two other colored highway alerts have been added. The Silver Alert is used in several states including Florida to involve the public in located a cognitively impaired older driver who has gotten lost. In the case of a Silver Alert the highway signs provide information about the car including make, model, color and tag number. Silver Alerts also include a notice to call 911 or #347 to notify law enforcement if you see the vehicle in question. The Blue Alert uses the same highway alert system to notify the public of critical information when a law enforcement officer has been killed, seriously injured or gone missing in the line of duty and the suspect, who is considered to pose an imminent threat to the public, is still at large. In some cases, additional information is available for broadcast such as a detailed description of the suspect’s vehicle or other means of escape, and/or the license plate of the suspect’s vehicle. Each of these highway alerts is used to communicate information as quickly as possible to a population that is constantly on the move. The success of the highway alert system is the main reason that it has been expanded over the past 15 years.