Alcohol is a Major Factor It’s midway through 2015, and already, nine people have died in traffic accidents on Cape Coral’s roads. This is a sharp increase over last year, when the city experienced ten traffic fatalities for the entire year. Police in Cape Coral say the common denominator in nearly all of these accidents is alcohol. Eight of the nine fatal accidents involved drivers who had been drinking alcohol. Trying to combat these numbers, the Cape Coral police department is mobilizing, conducting DUI checkpoints in an effort to keep those who are drinking alcohol from driving. They will be conducting these checkpoints at frequent intervals throughout the summer months. Don’t cause an accident, and don’t be a victim. If you’ve been drinking alcohol, don’t drive. The designated driver is your best protection when out for a night on the town. That one person in your party is responsible for remaining sober and making sure that everyone makes it home safely. If, however, everyone wants to partake, hire a cab or a limo to make sure that the party ends well for all. If you have been out with friends, and your driver has been drinking alcohol, protect yourself. Don’t get into a car with a drunk driver. You are better off offending a friend that losing your life. Drinking alcohol and driving is a serious problem, with serious consequences. Protect yourself and your loved ones don’t drink and drive.