Stand-up signs pose real tripping hazards for those posing for photos if they are poorly designed and constructed, says a Fort Myers slip and fall attorney. For years they have been staples of carnivals and circuses, those large stand-up signs built from wood and depicting people in scenes with cutouts where the faces should be. The idea is simple, stand behind the cut-out with your face positioned in the hole and take a picture. It was an instant memory that would last forever. While the idea is fun, these cut-outs can be dangerous. The problem with these carnival cut-outs, is that to get properly in position, you often have to climb onto a platform, and these platforms and steps, if not properly constructed can be hazardous. A well constructed cut-out sign will have steps and platforms that are wide enough to fully accommodate a normal adult, as well as a handrail. Many of the better designs have these steps made from metal, with grating to prevent slipping when the steps are wet. No Regulation Means No Safety Standards One of the issues we’ve encountered is that there is no agency responsible for regulating these cut-outs, so there are really no safety standards for them. Individuals and businesses build the cut-outs based on what they can afford or what they feel is necessary to protect the public, but they can fall very short. Common problems include steps and platforms that are too narrow to properly turn around and lack of a secure hand rail. So, if you are tempted to have your face on Marilyn Monroe’s body (or that of Mr. Universe), take proper precautions. Check things out before climbing into position. If there is not a hand rail, or if the platform is too narrow to fully turn around, make sure you’ve got someone to assist you both when you are getting into position behind the cut-out and when you are stepping back down. These simple precautions can keep you from being seriously injured in a slip and fall accident. You really can’t be too careful. Think about how a fall from a three-foot platform could hurt, especially if you are twisting around to step off that platform. These falls can be particularly devastating for older adults, who are more prone to breaking a bone if they fall. If you have been injured when stepping up or down from one of these carnival cut-outs, please contact and experienced law firm for legal advice and retention.They may be able to assist you in getting compensation for your injuries.