Craig Nassi of BCN Development LLC

Craig Nassi in New York, NYC
Craig Nassi in New York, NYC

Craig Nassi

Craig Nassi of BCN Development LLC

Craig Nassi was born in New York City and received his BA and MA. Craig Nassi studied to become a public school, secondary level, teacher. Craig Nassi was interested in teaching social studies.  Mr. Nassi also coached three sports. To Craig Nassi, teaching and coaching have been his passion and he was able to fulfill this dream.

Shortly after Craig Nassi’s teaching career, Craig pursued and received a real estate license. Craig Nassi then pursued his dream to enter the real estate sales and real estate marketing industry. This process later evolved into BCN Development, LLC as the company is know today.

Craig Nassi now continues to mentor youth in the community and guest lectures at local universities and various organizations such as YJP (Young Jewish Professionals – of NYC).

Craig is an avid health enthusiast, runner/marathoner and lives in Manhattan with his lovely wife Sharon and three beautiful children.

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